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October 20, 2002

Alright!!^_^ Iím Back with some encoded anime and I finally finished with this brand new layout featuring Mitsuki and Takuto, so kawaii,ne? I finally figured out how to do table layouts,  itís so cool XD Well anyhow To Heart Episode 1 is encoded...after August (my last update) school started and well you know the rest^^; anyhow, i originally planned to split it using hjsplit but streamload won't upload ep1 that way--; so i split it the regular way and cut out the opening/ending song and next ep preview so cuz it'd be too many parts I left it out^^; (if you want me to upload it as separate files tell me in the request board, k?) in so now there's about 6parts(2-4 min long) *sweatdrops*  ah well on other news...i put up another hit-counter cuz my other one *DIED*  stupid thing...oh and I'm in the process of making a blog if anyone cares, go request the ep *points to the left*  well that's it for now... 

Ja ne,